And I’ve often heard others use terms such as funny, friendly, quirky, complex, blunt and honest. I’ll gladly take their word(s) for it. Everyone has a story and I could tell you my “born and raised” story here.
But instead, I’ll tell you how I came to I love what I do, which may tell you more of what you want to know about me. That I first learned about fashion in the Seventies, at a Busy Bees 4-H Club in Iowa.
That I went to college to study Fashion Merchandising and Design but in my last year became undecided and switched to Elementary Education. That for years I worked a lot of different jobs trying to find the “right fit.”
That I often wondered what it would be like to be passionate about something.
That after I got married and had a daughter I found what it was like to be passionate about something.
That after I had cancer when she was just one year old, I felt even clearer that having passion about life was very important. I realized she would eventually grow up and I’d have to find something else to be passionate about.
That all of those experiences led me to volunteering with Dress For Success and then getting a job as a personal shopper at Nordstrom.
That a trip to Australia and overcoming a huge fear of flying made me think, “If I can do this, I can do anything. Maybe I’ll start a business.”
That creating a business where every day I help people find their Personal Style has become my next passion.
That finding a Personal Image and Style is attainable and is vital for success.