What I Learned From Prom
May 24, 2015
Change is inevitable
August 4, 2015

Feelings are not facts.

Body image has been on my mind lately.  Frankly, I think it’s all about aging.  For some reason, I thought that when I got older, body image thoughts would fall away.  No such luck.  In fact, I think that aging is causing that critical voice to raise its head again.  And I for one, am not going to take it anymore.Time and again when I’m in the closet of a client, I see the glazed over look begin.  Sooner or later they will say “If only my waist were smaller” or “if I just had… (fill in the blank here), I’d look much better.”  While, these facts might be true, it doesn’t mean they have to run your life or your look.  There is no time like the present to get yourself into the proper headspace of dressing for the body you have right now.One of my favorite phrases these days is “Feelings are not facts.”  This covers a wide variety of issues.  For example:  “I feel fat in these jeans.”  Fact:  These are the same jeans you loved yesterday and got great compliments on.To that end, it’s time, once again, to settle down and listen to your true voice in your head that honors and respects you.  My personal test when I start going down the negative body image road is this:  Would I let someone speak to my kid the way I’m speaking to myself?

If the answer is no, then cut off that voice and create a new one in your head.  We aren’t getting any younger here so we might as well put our thoughts and talents towards something that really matters.  Like your kids, your career, your passion.

I for one, am putting body image issues on the far back burner of my mind  and I encourage you to do the same.  Who knows where that extra brain power will take us?