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The True Cost
October 5, 2015
Life isn’t perfect
December 9, 2015

Since holidays are coming and traveling may be in your schedule, I decided to do a quick review of packing strategies. Many of you know that I stopped checking bags several years ago and now have moved into a bag that can be put under the seat in front of me for my carry-on. This removes any possibility of ever having to gate check your bag because too many people have too many bags on the plane.

As one of my friends likes to say, “less stuff, more fun”. And I couldn’t agree more. So here are my tips for packing like a pro.

  • Check the weather and your personal schedule for the trip.
  • Choose a color basic or two and then add a pop of color that will be your theme for the trip. Example: black and gray basics with an eggplant scarf.
  • Shoes take up the most space in your luggage.  Wear one pair and pack two at the most.  If this is a sightseeing trip, make sure they are comfortable
  • Use packing cubes. Roll and fill these bags with your socks, underwear, swimwear and other small items. Start at one end and fill up the bag, then zip up and start stuffing into the open end. Keeping clothes separate from each other in bags makes it easier to stay organized in your bag and upon arrival.
  • Place shoes on the bottom of the bag and roll the rest of your clothing, do not fold. Rolling also equals less wrinkles.
  • Choose items that mix and match together. A general rule is 3 tops for every bottom.
  • Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane. Boots, coats, etc.
  • Pack your 2nd carry-on bag with your make up, toiletries, jewelry, RX, etc. Be ruthless. Are you really going to use everything in your toiletry bag?
  • And maybe the most important. Only take clothes with you that you LOVE. If you don’t love it at home, traveling isn’t the place to experiment.

Packing light is a bit of an art and trial and error. Keep a list going after a trip and before you know it, you’ll be crossing stuff off and traveling lighter than ever before.

Good luck and happy travels!