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Need individual help to make your style match your life?   Read on for my 5 phase plan.

Wardrobe Review:

Out with the old, out of date, the not-so-hip and the tired. You’ll learn what to keep and how to wear what’s already in your wardrobe. In person or online, this process is doable either way.


Personal Style List:

A comprehensive list is created during the wardrobe review to introduce new concepts and find your style. A shopping plan makes it all come together. Creative collaboration is key. The best part: You'll help come up with three words that describe your personal style.


Guided Shopping:

I choose the stores based on your budget. In a perfect world, you meet me at the first store and we shop together. However, in a pandemic world we are working virtually. That’s fine! Either way works. Virtually I send you clothing options from a variety of sites we have a series of appointments to decide what you will order. When you orders arrive we reconvene to see what works and what needs to be returned. My three rules always stand: 1) Your try on everything we order or (post pandemic), everything I bring you. 2) You remain open to new ideas. And 3) You don’t get hung up on size. Of course we will have fun!

Your New Wardrobe:

We bring all the new items back to your existing wardrobe and combine them with the keepers. Again, virtually or in person. You’ll take photos and I’ll take notes on your new look. “Less is more” is my motto. And the pieces all work together beautifully.

Accessories Shopping:

I shop for any pieces we need to pull it all together. Shoes, ties, socks, tights, jewelry, belts? I’ll fill in the blanks to make your look complete.

Try a tailor made workshop

Need help with your company’s dress code? Or do you simply want to help them put their best foot forward? I love helping people dress for their current and future success.
How does that work?
Try a tailor made workshop
Participants will learn:
  • How to present their unique, individual style while maintaining the company image.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for specific body types
  • Professional shopping tips
  • How to let go of past perceptions so that they can dress for their current and future success..
  • How to choose 3 words that describe their personal style.

Could you benefit from my services?

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