Life isn’t perfect
December 9, 2015

It’s almost fall so it’s time in the fashion world, once again, to talk about trends. Many of you know how I feel about trends. As Amy Poehler has said (about other subjects) “ok for her, not for me.” And that’s not necessarily 100% true for me.

I like some trends. I love booties because they are a great way to transition into cooler weather but still wear summer clothes. I like that velvet is something I can wear during the day (with restraint) and I think the new bomber jackets are fun and a creative way to stay warm enough before we bring out the puffy jackets.

bomberjacketkittiesBut I have my limits and it came in the form of a picture a client sent to me of a Stella McCartney bomber jacket with kitties on it. For $1800.

I looked at the photo and then read the first line of the description below:

“Adorable kittens peer out from this drop-shoulder, Italian jacquard jacket for a playful combination of ’70’s eclecticism and feline kitsch”

Then I checked the site to make sure it was real (it is) and then I started laughing. Are you kidding me? Is it possible that people are so lost in their own sense of fashion that they would buy an $1800 jacket with cats on it?

And the answer, I fear, is yes. Some people are. This is the place that trends get super tricky. It’s one thing to think that the new heel on a bootie this year is an interesting look you might try and completely another to think of wearing a cat jacket.

I could go on and on about this topic but I’m going to stop and say just this: Just because they are selling it doesn’t mean we are buying it.

You have the power to decide which trends to buy into and which to leave on the table. The key is to knowing yourself well enough to figure out what those are.

Having said that, my guess is that no one reading this is thinking the cat bomber coat is the look for them this fall.

Enjoy September! And remember, just because they are selling it…